Job Application

Why should you work for us?

  • You decide what day and time you want to work.
  • You pick how much you want to get paid.
  • You pick what you want to do and love to do as work.
  • You pick where you want to work and how far.
  • We offer full time, part time or use us as a side job.

or do you have your own license and insurance?  Let us bring the job to you

  • You can become our subcontractor – we pay by 1099, we deduct no tax from your pay
  • We have live phone operators to take all calls and make appointments for you
  • No need to spend money on Advertisement, we advertise for you 24/7
  • You pick your own schedule: you decide the days and time you want to work
  • You decide how much per hours you want for your time and on top of that you get 10% more.
  • You do not need to setup a location, (no rent, no operation cost, utility bills, no property tax, no misc costs, no website expense, no maintenance fee, no employee to keep it running, no hassle)
  • You do not need to find help, we take care of that as well
  • You do not need to follow up with customers, no need to spend more time working after work, we will take care of that too.
  • Now a day, you need a website for every business, You do not need to create a website.